Frequently Asked Questions


Informing and educating our customers takes precedence at BumBoosa?? Bamboo Products. With the expansion of the green market and new products being advertised every day, we are bombarded with choices. We think our customers should know all the facts in order to make informed consumer decisions when it comes to purchasing Bum Boosa and our partner NooTree’s Products. ??If your question is not answered below, our informed staff is available to help you. Please email


Q:??Why can't I find Bum Boosa Bamboo Toilet Paper anymore?
Q: Is it really worth worrying about what ingredients are in your baby wipes and other baby products?
Q: Are BumBoosa Bamboo Baby Wipes and NooTrees line quality-controlled?
Q: How is the manufacturing process of bamboo toilet paper more environmentally friendly?
Q:??Do your products contain genetically modified materials or ingredients?
Q:??What does ???renewable and sustainable??? mean?

Q:??Are your baby wipes flushable?
Q:??Are BumBoosa?? Bamboo Wipes compostable?
Q:??Do you test on animals?
Q:??How??many trees has BumBoosa?? planted with Trees for the Future and where were they planted?
Q:??Will bamboo production put Panda bears at more risk?

Q:??Why did you choose bamboo for your products?
Q:??Why do you import from China?
Q:??I notice that you are B Corp certified? What does that mean?