Bum Boosa?? Bamboo Products, First-To-Market Bamboo Baby Wipes and Bathroom Tissue to USA Market, Announces Distribution with UNFI

Cape Cod, Massachusetts ??? (April 25, 2014) ??? Bum Boosa?? Bamboo Products, the first brand in the USA to offer baby wipes and bathroom tissue made from renewable and sustainable bamboo, announced today that it will be expanding its distribution through UNFI (United Natural Foods), a leading national distributor of natural products beginning July 1, 2014.?? Distribution will commence at no less than two distribution centers in the Northeast region, which will make Bum Boosa?? Bamboo Products available to a much wider range of retailers.

???We are excited to share the magic of Bum Boosa with consumers at all types of retails stores, from independent local grocers and co-ops, to leading natural grocery chains. Retailers have been enthusiastic about Bum Boosa from the moment the product debuted in 2009 and we have had the benefit of 5 solid years to fully engage and understand the market as we planned our expansion. ??Thankfully now thousands of retailers have easy access to our time-tested, highest quality products on July 1, 2014,???said founder and CEO Sonja Sheasley.

Bum Boosa Bamboo Products brings an entirely new option to American consumers for baby wipes, bathroom tissue, and diaper liners.?? Bum Boosa???s first product – baby wipes, delivered an alternative to oil-based plastic fiber and tree pulp, the common blend material for all wet wipes.?? The wipes have also been touted as having one of cleanest ingredients lists for baby wipes in the industry, and Bum Boosa was name a Champion in Environmental Working Group???s Market Shift Report 2011 for commitment to both safer ingredients and transparency. Bum Boosa???s 100% bamboo bathroom tissue is a distinctive 3 ply, durable bathroom tissue that is BPA free, hypoallergenic, and made using a less chemically intensive process than is traditionally employed for other virgin or recycled content tissue.?? Bum Boosa???s Bamboo Diaper Liners are soft, hypoallergenic, and make cleaning up from using cloth diapers easier on families. ??All Bum Boosa Bamboo Products are artfully packaged, and the toilet paper is offered as individually wrapped rolls or a distinguishing four-pack wrapped in recycled craft paper, not plastic.

About Bum Boosa

Bum Boosa Bamboo Products are currently available at a number of independent natural product retailers, baby boutiques, and pharmacies in the USA and Canada, and also through online merchants such as Diapers.com, drugstore.com, Amazon, and Abe???s Marketplace. ??Bum Boosa Bamboo Products is an environmentally-responsible company and has planted 50,000 trees with Trees for the Future and is partnered with Carbonfund.org, whereby they offset 35 tons of carbon annually through various environmental programs.?? Bum Boosa is proud to be a certified B Corporation and is currently enrolled in the Non-GMO Verification Project. Bum Boosa is a nationally certified women-owned business (WBENC) and is a member of World Bamboo Organization with whom they work to accurately promote bamboo and elevate bamboo???s status as an important contributor to sustainable environment.

About Bamboo

Bamboo is a self-regenerating raw material with a continuous production of new shoots. It does not die when it is cut down, but it replenishes itself. Bamboo represents an unparallelled group within the grass family with woody jointed stems. It is the fastest-growing plant on Earth. Shoots develop into stems (called culms) from an underground root system.?? They emerge and expand within 2-3 months of growth, reaching their final height quickly.?? Some culms actually reach upwards to 100 feet within the first growing season. No other plant on Earth has this kind of rapid growth rate.

Common trees have to be cultivated from seedlings, and need to grow for several decades to produce timber. The trees are cut and new trees must be planted again as seedlings to create a new forest.?? Bamboo grows into a forest by reproducing itself and continuously provides timber.

About Bum Boosa???s Foundersonja image polaoid

Several years ago Sonja Sheasley began a quest to find the most environmentally responsible and non-toxic baby wipes. Along the way, she fell in love with bamboo and felt that its contribution to alleviating the burden that trees bear could be enormous.?? Already having some knowledge in herbalism, essential oils and natural product development, she researched bamboo non woven fiber for two years before launching Bum Boosa Bamboo Products with the help of friends and family.

Today Bum Boosa has four SKUs and is established as an ecological-conscientious company with a commitment to constant progress and accountability in regards to safety, quality and practicing environmental stewardship. ??Bum Boosa??? s baby wipes have been recognized with awards by Mother Approved, Child Tested in 2011, Organic Baby University in 2012 and 2013, and Cribsie Awards (Best Chemical-Free Wipes Nomination)?? in 2012 and 2014.

About United Natural Foods

United Natural Foods, Inc. (www.unfi.com) carries and distributes more than 65,000 products to thousands of customer locations throughout the United States and Canada.?? The company serves a wide variety of retail formats including conventional supermarket chains, natural product superstores, independent retail operators and the food service channel.

To learn more about Bum Boosa Bamboo Products, visit www.bumboosa.com

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