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After much debate and reading nothing but positive things about your products, I decided to order a pack of your wipes from Amazon for my 14 month old with VERY sensitive skin. We were desperate to give her some relief, as she had the most horrific diaper rash and whenever you d wipe her (even with plain water and cloth wipes), she d scream. I am NOT disappointed!!! I wish I had ordered these months ago, they are the ONLY wipes that do not irritate her skin or leave her bottom bright red and she no longer cries when she has her diaper changed anymore! Thank you, Bum Boosa Bamboo Products, for making such a wonderful product!!! Megan  Chattanooga, TN

I spoke to you a little over a week ago, I am the one who had some type of contact dermatitis that has been haunting me for about 20 years and we could not find the source of the problem. You, graciously, sent me some samples of the toilet paper. Thank you so much. I am cautiously optimistic the reaction is almost completely clear at this point after stopping the use of regular toilet paper. I absolutely love your product and I will be ordering it probably later today.  Jeanine  Daytona, Florida

I bought a case of these wipes from amazon and loved them!! I did not realize just how much I loved them until I tried a competitors brand of biodegradable wipes, which were rougher on my baby’s sensitive skin. The bumboosa wipes smell great, are good for bird baths  for baby, and the material is softer than the average wipe. Ordering another case soon. – Maryanne

Super product! Nice alternative to polyester wipes, these bamboo cloth wipes are super soft. They smell great. The smell is natural and not too strong just right! Such a soothing alternative to the synthetic baby wipe smell. With the Triple Pack you can have wipe packs to put in 2 different spots in your home and one pack for the diaper bag. These wipes are perfect for babies and also great for older children who will love the smell. ??? Allison, Vermont

I’m allergic to corn and corn derivatives. I called and was told your product [bamboo bathroom tissue] does not contain this. I am very excited to try this product!! Thank you so much for taking the time to research this for me. I truly appreciate your help. Having an allergy to corn is a very difficult thing. Corn and corn/derivatives can be found in anything from cosmetics, toothpaste, and Q-tips to cleansers, lotion, medications, etc. Not just food items. Your prompt response sure makes my life a lot easier!!   Trish, New Mexico

I love how they (the wipes) don’t leave a residue on the skin like other products! You feel clean! We just got the cream and LOVE it as well! Two applications (two same day diaper changes) and the red was GONE! I use the wipes for all over care on Niki- Know how they get the formula rash on their necks? BAM! Wipe and it is GONE!   Andrea, Massachusetts

Amazing. Truly the best wipes we’ve ever used. We love these. They are gentle, effective, but biodegradable. do you know how hard it is to find that?? We really love them.  Amy, New Hampshire

I learned about Bum Boosa through my daughter and loved the wipes and ointment immediately! And when I learned that this small, mom-run company was trying to solve a significant environmental issue (recycled TP leaching BPAs into the water) by developing a BPA-free bathroom tissue, I just had to support them! I didn’t know what to expect of a bathroom tissue made of bamboo but it is surprisingly soft and absorbent. We also love that it comes in a box, not a big plastic bag! Bum Boosa may be a small, new company but they are thoughtful about their products and are doing amazing work! Thanks from a grandma that cares what her great-grandchildren will be left to clean up!  Charlotte, Connecticut

What can I say but WOW!!!! I heard about these wipes from a friend and have been using them ever since. They are great on my little boys bum and even my 7 year old girl uses them after she goes the bathroom for a little extra cleanliness that toilet paper doesn’t get when you are in the potty. After traveling for hours through two states and sticky candy kids hands and mouths, guess what wipes in the car worked the best well Bumboosa of course!! I even used them when my husband and i were four wheeling in the islands and i got dirt all over mouth and hands from the sand and trails and in my back pack was ???. Bumboosa !!! The one thing I wish is that they came out a little easier. they are much more than baby wipes, I noticed the prices came down too.  Christina M., New Jersey

Love your wipes!!! Been using them since my baby came home from the hospital at 4 days old!!! Never the teensiest bit of redness ??? except for the ONE time we went to visit relatives and forgot our wipes!  Joanna, New York

I think Bum Boosa is the best!! When my little guy starts with a rash as I don’t wipe every wet diaper a few wiping of wipes from Bum Boosa and his rash is gone. The smell is great too!! And he must love it as well as he loves to play with the package. LOL  Kellie, Massachusetts

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for speaking the other day. Also, I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!! And I think there???s a market for it in Denmark, especially the toilet paper in large bulk orders. The wipes are also really fantastic! Really impressed! Thanks! Amber, Copenhagen, Denmark

My almost 5 month old son laughs or giggles when I say ???Bum boosa, bum boosa, bum boosa! whenever I change his diaper. We’ve been using Bum boosa since Day 1 and would never use anything else!  Grace, Los Angeles