WBBWorld Bamboo Day is a day of celebration to increase the awareness of bamboo globally.??Bum Boosa is partnered with The World Bamboo Organization, a trade organization that??aims to bring the potential of bamboo to a more elevated exposure ??? to protect natural resources and the environment, to ensure sustainable utilization, to promote new cultivation of bamboo for new industries in regions around the world, as well as promote traditional uses locally for community economic development.

Bamboo can be used in replacement of many materials such as tree pulp and plastics. This is something to celebrate!

We challenge you to celebrate World Bamboo Day with us on September 18th!?? It could be as simple as sharing a photo of bamboo in your locale or as festive as organizing an event to share information??about the incredible versatility of bamboo!?? If you would like, Bum Boosa Bamboo Products is happy to send you samples of our baby wipes to give to your guests!

  • share your story about bamboo
  • share a photo of bamboo in your locale
  • share your ideas about how bamboo could be utilized
  • plant bamboo
  • wear bamboo
  • read about bamboo
  • eat bamboo
  • plan a craft day using bamboo
  • plan??a get together on World Bamboo Day with a bamboo theme!

So who is wants to celebrate??WORLD BAMBOO DAY?? on 18 September ???

Please send us your ideas and plans to info@bumboosa.com or post to our facebook page!

Official logos are available here for creating your own special souvenirs to celebrate BAMBOO!